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Canine recreation center

People and dogs

Welcome to

Canine Connection!

Looking for a safe space to bring your dog and meet other dog people? Look no further! Canine Connection is an indoor canine recreation center designed for dogs and their people. We provide a safe space to further enrich the lives of our dogs, enhance the connection between your dog and you, and to connect dog guardians in a safe and supportive environment where we play, learn, and connect. If this sounds great, you also get the added benefit of a place to recreate indoors when nature doesn't cooperate! Plus, you'll have access to a variety of services our partners offer. 

Stay tuned for more information about memberships, community partners and our grand opening!

Man's Best Friends


Welcome to Canine Connection! We offer monthly and annual membership options for those wanting to utilize the space regularly. If you don’t feel like committing to a membership just yet, we have visit packages designed just for you! Need some private time? We offer private rental space to accommodate your pup and you. Traveling with your pup? No problem! We also offer day passes so you and your pup can frolic with the rest of the pack.

We are dedicated to keeping your pup safe and healthy! We sanitize our space regularly and all dogs utilizing the space are required to be current on age-appropriate vaccinations. Proof is required prior to visiting; no exceptions.You can upload vaccination records when you purchase, or you can do it separately before visiting.

Stay tuned for specific pricing information.Interested in becoming a member? Sign-up here to stay in the know and follow us on social media.

Membership Packages

Pawsome Memberships 

We have a variety of membership options as well as packages and passes to meet everyone’s needs. Membership allows you unlimited park visits, complimentary coffee/tea/water, 50% off member events, puppy play groups and breed meetups, 15% discount on private rentals, plus special perks with our partners. Register and purchase memberships through Gingr (link Customer Portal (


We offer a 15% discount off all memberships and packages to seniors over 62 years of age, active-duty military and veterans (proof required).

Happy Paws Annual Membership

Pay for a full year in advance and save 15%! Membership fee will be renewed automatically once per year. 

  • Single Dog: $510 (discount included) That’s just $42.50/month!

  • Multi Dog: $663 (discount included) That’s just $55.25/month!

The Zoomies Monthly Membership

You’ll be billed automatically on a monthly basis. It’s simple and easy! 

  • Single Dog: $50 per month That’s just $6.25/visit if you visit twice a week!

  • Multi Dog: $65 per month That’s just $8.12/visit if you visit twice a week!

Pawsome Packages and Passes 

Membership not right for you? We’ve got you covered! Purchase a day pass or try our packages.

Day Pass:

$15/day for up to two dogs

The High Five Package

5 Visit Package ($14/visit) (up to two dogs): $70

The Wiggle Butt Package

10 Visit Package ($13/visit) (up to two dogs): $130

Pawrivate Rentals

Do you need a private, safe and clean space to provide your pup with additional exercise, play, training and enrichment? Do you want to get together with specific pups and their guardians? Do you want to celebrate your pup’s birth or adoption day? Do you want to reunite with your pup’s siblings? We can help! Purchase rentals through Gingr (link to Customer Portal (

Hourly Rentals

  • 30 Minutes (1-2 dogs): $25

  • 30 Minutes (3-5 dogs): $40

  • 60 minutes (1-4 dogs): $50

  • 60 minutes (5-7 dogs): $75 each additional dog $10 up to ten dogs

Rental Packages

Our rental packages are designed to give you freedom of paying in advance if you know you’ll be regularly renting our space. Each package is for 60 minutes for 1-4 dogs.

  • 5-Visit Package (5% discount): $237

  • 10-Visit Package (10% discount): $450

Dog Running


Guardians are required to supervise their dogs at all times. Dogs should be well socialized and under verbal control. Dogs displaying aggressive or disruptive behavior shall be removed immediately. All dogs are required to be current on age-appropriate vaccinations: Rabies, Bordetella and DHPP. Proof of vaccinations required upon registration.

Before entering the center, please potty your dog outside in designated areas. If there’s an accident inside, you are responsible for cleaning and disposing of waste. There are several sanitation stations for this purpose. 

Additional requirements will be posted as necessary.

Dog Walking


Canine Connection is proud to partner with local pet service industry to provide you with a positive, rewarding and fun experience within our community. Interested in becoming a community partner? Contact email

Certified professional dog trainers located in the lakes region. We offer group obedience classes and one on one behavior consultations for any behavioral issue that you may be experiencing with your dog.

Going for a Walk

Special Events

Looking for a space to host your best bud’s birthday/adoption day party? Look no further! We can help make your pup's special day one they won’t forget!

Stay tuned for additional member events such as puppy play groups, walking groups, training classes, member appreciation nights and more!


Business Info

125 Water St., Unit 2A, Laconia, NH 03246

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