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Dog Profile
  • What is Canine Connection?
    We’re an indoor facility providing your dog and you a safe, social and stress-free environment to play, learn and connect.
  • What are the rules while utilizing the facility?
    The rules are clearly displayed in the facility, on the website, and provided in your welcome packets.
  • Do you require vaccines for dogs?
    Yes, prior to visiting you must provide proof that your dog(s) are current on age-appropriate vaccines: Rabies, Bordetella, DHPP. There are no exceptions as safety is our top priority, please be considerate and upload vaccinations when registering.
  • How is this different from dog daycare?
    We want you to play with your dog strengthening your connection. Plus, you can connect with other members and their pups!
  • Do you offer private play areas?
    We offer private rentals to accommodate any dogs’ needs. If group play isn’t the best fit for your dog, rest assured that we have other options for you!
  • Can I bring my own toys?
    We’d prefer you leave all toys at home, especially if your pup has any guarding tendencies. We will provide sanitized toys for playing. If this is a private rental, yes, you can bring your own toys.
  • Will you offer age/breed specific play groups?
    Yes, we will offer age-appropriate play groups for puppies through seniors. We’re also excited to offer breed meetups!
  • Will there be a separate play area for small dogs and puppies?
    Yes, we will have a separate area for smaller dogs and puppies. You can, of course, still play in the large play area, but if things get too rowdy for your little one just mosey on back to the small dog area.
  • Do you have a designated potty area?
    We have ample space outside of the facility for you to potty your dog. Please be kind and pick up after your dog utilizing poop bags provided and properly dispose of waste in designated containers.
  • Is the facility staffed?
    Yes, we have friendly and professional staff onsite to oversee play areas and ensure you have the best experience while visiting. We want to provide a safe and fun environment where the pups and their people are all getting along.
  • Do you have drinks/food?
    We offer single use compostable water bowls for your dog and complimentary treats. We offer humans complimentary coffee, water and tea.
  • Are children allowed?
    Please, no children under 12 years of age in the play areas, unless it is private rental. We love your children, but not all dogs do. We respect that, and for the safety of all, we ask you to refrain from bringing the little humans until we have an event or learning opportunity designed for them.
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